Bearing industry in small town of China

  • Only when the bearing industry develops at quick pace, can its value be manifested in machine sector. Changshan bearing industry started in the 1960s. Through

 Only when the bearing industry develops at quick pace, can its value be manifested in machine sector. Changshan bearing industry started in the 1960s. Through more than half a century of arduous development, the bearing industry of the county has formed certain advantages. The bearing varieties are relatively complete, the forging of medium and large bearing rings has begun to take shape, and there are demonstration enterprises in the aspects of machine substitution, digital transformation, and "Internet +". Many provincial and municipal technical centers and R&D centers, and many companies have carried out quality management system certification. Contradictions and problems are also more prominent. The production situation of low-grade bearings has not fundamentally changed. There is overcapacity of ordinary bearings, the transformation and upgrading are arduous, and talents such as engineering technology, business management, and marketing are not commensurate with the development of modern enterprises.

To form a new situation for the development of the bearing industry, it is necessary to effectively transform and upgrade, and effectively respond to risks and challenges.

At this bearing industry development conference, the Changshan county issued a new policy for the development of the bearing industry, which strongly encourages recruiting high quality talents and cultivating strong technological support, strengthening innovation, extending the industrial chain; the industry has led the county's industrial economy and further improved the policy environment for the "second rise" of the bearing industry.

President Xi Jinping emphasized at the seminar on entrepreneurs: We must promote the entrepreneurial spirit, continuously improve ourselves in innovation and strive to become a new era, build a new development pattern, and build a modern economy." Business managers must have the entrepreneurial spirit and continuously upgrade in terms of ambition, vision, business philosophy, management style, employment concept, personality and taste, so as to promote the Changshan bearing industry.

The life of an enterprise comes from the market, the vitality of the market comes from the product, and the vitality of the product comes from the never-ending quality level. A complete quality management system must be established and strictly implemented to stably improve product quality and allow the county's bearing products to enter more markets. The bearing industry at home and abroad has strict systems, standards, technologies, and processes. Enterprises must prescribe the right remedy, introduce and formulate management standards and technical documents to enhance their competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities.

The main body of technological innovation lies in the enterprise, and the technology center should become the main functional organization of the enterprise. We need to pay attention to research and do a good job in collecting and sorting information, strengthen communication with scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and industry associations, attract and create a group of reasonably structured middle and senior professional and technical talents, and build a solid corporate think tank space.